J. Albert and Person of Interest

by J. Albert / Person of Interest

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SakanaFang 这首歌对我的意义重大,因为我在那个特定场合下听到了这首歌,我陷进去了,且难以自拔。
真的谢谢你lil mofo,如果没有你,我真的没法欣赏到这些艺术品;如果没有你,我就体会不到这么多文字难以描述的情感。
感激不尽! Favorite track: Pompano Acid.
Nic Brown
Nic Brown thumbnail
Nic Brown When Exotic Dance Records informed me via Bandcamp that percussive housemaster and personal favourite J. Albert had teamed up with Person Of Interest, himself the purveyor of some seriously unconventional aggro-laden techno for labels like L.I.E.S., my heart skipped a beat and I danced a horrifically ungainly jig. That said, this EP is a far cry from the 20 minutes of club-destroying, electronic mayhem I anticipated. For a start, opener "Thank You For Believing In Me" is a gospel tune, albeit with a lo-fi scuff, and the next couple of tracks are perfectly executed takes on house but free from those plunges into wayward excess these two producers are renowned for. Closing cut "Still" is a bit of an oddball though, slightly tougher percussion-wise and its other components don't quite hang together as they should, but that said, there's very little about "EDD002" that marks it out as the work of two such brazen sonic innovators. I can't prise it from my playlist though (there must be SOMETHING in there I've missed) although I'm appalled at the amount of money that must have been squandered on that cover art. Perplexing to say the least.
Favorite track: Still.
Pompano Acid 05:48
Still 03:44


released July 1, 2016


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